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01.Analyze your project

Take the time to analyze your situation. Our advisers are at your side to support you in your project and define strategies adapted to your situation.

02.Determine the fair value of your property

First reflex, rush on the internet to do an online assessment … Beware of the pitfalls of free tools that are often used as bait! Also beware of haphazard comparisons of seemingly similar goods

A good estimate is based on a careful analysis of the characteristics and current condition of your property, the market price and the supply and demand.

03.Choose the agency and set the selling price

The evaluations were made by you or by real estate experts. Now you have to choose the real estate agency that will accompany you. It must have advisers specialized in the geographical area of ​​your property and offer innovative services and tools to guarantee the success of your project.

04.Enhancement of your property

Our team takes care of everything!

Prepare the property for visits:

  • Storage of bulky items
  • Register your spaces before visits
  • Open the blinds to ensure good light
  • Your property is often too personalized, your advisor will give you tips to purify your spaces and allow future buyers to project themselves
  • Immediate improvements (home staging)
  • We can cost any work if necessary

Communication on the various media:

  • Valuation of your property: clear and compelling wording of the advertisement and the sales file (ie with the keywords that will distinguish you from the competition). A complete file is required to send it to the purchaser and to the future funding body.
  • Selection of suitable media according to your property (Virtual tour, video, photo report …) Advertising represents a significant cost, it is offered by our agency
  • Identify priority targets for buyers, using the agency’s client file, to sell under the best possible price and deadline conditions.

05.Manage the marketing of your property

  • Organization of visits. The real estate agency checks the expectations and creditworthiness of buyers in advance to avoid unnecessary visits. 1 in 2 customers are curious, your agent will know how to spot them!
  • Multi-media distribution of the advertisement (press, internet)
  • Reception and filtering of telephone calls, management of the planning of visits, a very time consuming part, avoided thanks to an agency. Your SWISS PATRIMOINE IMMOBILIER real estate advisor chooses the times when your property is most valued (sunshine depending on the time of day, season or weather) to show visitors and show them in their best light.
  • Anticipation of possible objections from visitors and appropriate responses.
  • Sending of visit reports. Regular follow-up meetings with your advisor.

06.Secure the sale

  • Check the real solvency of future buyers, with the collaboration of banks and brokers
  • Make sure that the property corresponds to their real expectations and to all their criteria to avoid a retraction
  • Being the advisor and intermediary between the buyer and the seller to avoid misunderstandings
  • Support the purchaser in the event of work to be done, building land, etc …
  • Manage all the procedures with the notary for the preparation of the draft deed and ensure a signature as soon as possible

Free estimate of your property in a few clicks.


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