Sell your property

Sell your property

Do you have a property for sale? Whether it is a house, an apartment, or a field, before going to the notary you must be aware of the 6 steps to make a successful sale in the best conditions Price / lead time:

6 essential steps to sell well

Analyze your project

Take your time to analyze your situation, your motivations, your expectations. Do you have another good insight? Do you seek instead to take the time to sell to achieve a nice added value? A real estate advisor can present strategies adapted to your needs and situation.


Determine the fair value of your property

First reflex, rush on the internet to make an online evaluation ... Beware of the pitfalls of free tools that are often used as bait! Also, beware of risky comparisons of seemingly similar assets. A good estimate is based on a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the property and the current and future state of the sector's real estate market. Do not forget that buyers often refuse to visit the overvalued property! With a fair estimate, you do not waste time and you do not take the risk of having to depreciate the good later by poorly controlled communication at the wrong price.

Choose the agency and set the selling price

The evaluations were made by you or by real estate experts. We must now choose the real estate agency that will accompany you. It must have consultants specialized in the geographical area of your property and offer innovative services and tools for the success of your project.

Prepare for sale

If you have chosen an agency, it takes care of everything! otherwise, you need to think about:

  • Inventory all parts according to the regulations
  • Valuing and staging the property: professional photo report, clear and striking copy of the ad (ie with the keywords that will distinguish you from the competition), virtual tour, video ...
  • * Select the appropriate communication media for the type of property and buyer targets to target calls
  • Prepare the property for the visits: storage, possible work to be encrypted upstream, immediate improvements (home staging)
  • * Identify priority targets for buyers, thanks to the client file of the agency, to sell in the best conditions of price and time.
  • * Specific action carried out by the real estate agency


Manage the marketing of your property

  • Organization of visits. The agency will know how to target them
  • Multi-media release of the announcement (press, internet)
  • Reception and filtering of phone calls, management of the schedule of visits, a very "greedy" part in time, avoided thanks to an agency. Your real estate advisor SWISS PATRIMOINE IMMOBILIER chooses the times when your property is most valued (sunshine depending on the time, season or weather) to visit and show it in its best light.
  • Verification of buyers' expectations and solvency in order to avoid unnecessary visits. 1 customer out of 2 is curious, your agent will know them!
  • The anticipation of any objections from visitors and appropriate responses.
  • * Sending reports of visits. Regular follow-up meetings with your advisor.

* Specific action carried out by the real estate agency

Secure the sale

  • Check the actual creditworthiness of future buyers, with the cooperation of banks and brokers
  • Ensure that the property corresponds to its real expectations and all its criteria to avoid a retraction
  • Compare offers and profiles that guarantee the completion of the transaction as soon as possible, remaining neutral and professional between seller and buyer.
  • Accompany the buyer in case of work to be planned, building land, etc ...
  • Manage all the steps with the notaries to build the sales file and ensure a signature as soon as possible.