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This calculator makes it possible to estimate the costs relating to the regularization of authentic deeds concerning the most common real estate transactions, namely:

  1. the deed of promise of sale and purchase;
  2. the deed of sale;
  3. the mortgage deed (creation / increase of mortgage certificate).

The total cost of each operation is always broken down between

  1. fiscal taxes;
  2. fees from the Land Register;
  3. the notary’s emoluments
  4. miscellaneous costs and disbursements.

The collection of these various amounts is regulated by cantonal and federal law, ie respectively for each of the aforementioned items:

  1. the law on registration fees (LDE), the law establishing the administrative budget of the State of Geneva (LBu), the law on public contributions (LCP) and the federal law governing value tax added (VAT);
  2. the regulation on the tariff of the emoluments of the land register and official surveying (REmRFMO);
  3. the regulation on the emoluments of notaries (REmNoT).

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